Renewal, repair and protection of concrete and ferro-concrete buildings. Waterproofing of buildings, structures and ferro-concrete designs.

Smoke and ventilating industrial tubesSmoke and ventilating industrial tubes

Presence in smoke gases of a moisture, of agressive chemical combinations, condensates on outside surfaces of fetling are reasons which lead to damage of chemneys. Our experts fulfil repair of construction joints, renewal of concrete cover, renewal of gas density of fetting, dampprofing of basement, dampprofing of underground breechings, protection of brick tubes with the help of hydrophobisator.

Support of transmission lines and switching centres of electrodistributive substationsSupport of transmission lines and switching centres of electrodistributive substations

The majority of ferro-concrete support are made with observance of a principle of the maximum economy of concrete that leads to absence of a protective layer for fixture or it so insignificant that does not rescue from environment effect. Besides, effect of electromagnetic fields promotes to destruction of majority of ferro-concrete support. Kinds of works: concrete repair, protection of fixture and concrete from atmospheric effect. The fulfilled technology allows to protect fixture in a complex and to restore concrete protective layers. Thus cost of works in times more low, than at replacement of support.

Engineering bulksEngineering bulks

Industrial bulks prone to the whole complex of effects: vibration of working equipment, workload of technological transport and precipitations. Our experts fulfil in renewal of constructional elements in industrial buildings, renewal of carrier abilities of ribbed plate, of collumns, of girders and other ferro-concrete elements of construction.

Cooling stacksCooling stacks

Ferro-concrete covers of coolings stacks experience an invarible influence of water steams especially in winter time. It destroy an concrete intensive. Our experts fulfil in renewal of distrubed concrete.