The advantages of our method of cleaning

  • does not require removal of the cleaned equipment;
  • the quality of cleaning pipes up to 98%;
  • completely excluded damage to the inner surface of the tube;
  • completely replaces all cleaning methods;
  • cost-effective (has a lower cost in comparison with other methods);
  • equipment, instrument, method of manufacturing operations has a series of “know-how” and is protected by patents;
  • allows you to clean pipes with bends and curves of different radius;
  • method explosion-proof.

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KROK Ltd. is dynamically developing company which is specialized on the production of high-quality apparatus for clearing of internal surface of tubes in heat-exchange equipment.

Experts of the enterprise have developed technology and the equipment which allow to clear the tubes of any degree of pollution to the initial condition (95%).  The basis of this technology is a hydro-mechanical cleaning method from various sediments, where they just chopped off from the surface with simultaneous removal of the sludge stream is supplied under the pressure of the liquid.

Also one of the main activities of our business is the sale of equipment and components of own production – KROK, and Thermax-1 and germany equipments Hammelmann. To familiarize yourself with our products, please go to the page Catalog .

More about our company you will tell reviews  of  our clients!

Our clients

Power industry
Chemical industry
Metallurgical industry
Petrochemical industry
Mining and processing industry
Marine and military industries
Light, food and other industries