Cleaning pipelines of large diameters

The specialists of “KROK” (Krasnoyarsk branch) has successfully completed the cleanup of the two pipelines clarified water Novo-Irkutsk thermal power station using the technology of jet cavitation “Projectile” (the device pipeline cleaning – DPC).

The clarified water pipeline – pipe Ø530×10, length 3.5 km, thickness of sediments from 100 to 50 mm on the wall, the strength of the sediments from sand to solid cementious.

Due to the large amount of sediment each pipeline was purified in two stages, i.e. parts 1.5 and 2 km, “products” cleaning dumped on the ground.


Pipelines before cleaning:


The pipeline 1 is the initial section


Pipeline 1 – second section


The pipeline 2 is the initial section



Pipeline 2 – second section


deletes cleaning products


Pipelines after cleaning:




Visual volume remote deposits:





Description of the process:

The cleaned pipe drains, cut the receiving window which is set in the “projectile”, the construction of which in each case is individual and depends on the size of the pipeline and the nature of the sediments in it.

13                                « UWPP-500» и «UWPP-400» 14                         The “projectile” in the pipe

After installing the “projectile”in the pipeline serves the water and increase the pressure therein, (“regular” pump – bagger, clarified water). When sufficient pressure drop water on the device it starts moving through the pipeline.

Process cleans deposits of various substances: sand and silt, ash, salt deposits, corrosion products and other Greatest effect when cleaning is achieved on the pipe, the thickness of the deposits does not exceed 30% of the Control on the side, i.e., the decrease Control is not more than 60%. In this capacity cleaned pipe is not less than 97% of the capacity of the new pipeline. The speed of advancement of the cleaning device on the trunk pipeline is 0.5 – 0.7 m/s Time taken to conduct this type of work depends on the length of the section to be cleaned and its corners, expansion joints, etc. Cleaned pipelines may be located on the racks or under the ground. The design of the “projectile” completely eliminates the possibility of “stuck in the pipes, and any time its position is determined with an accuracy of up to one meter.