We perform complex works on inspection, high-quality thermoabrasive clearing with the help of sets from product line THERMAX-1, anticorrosive processing and painting surfaces of:

  • Technological capacities;
  • Metal constructions;
  • Tubing;
  • The mobile train;
  • Case of ships;
  • Ferro-concrete designs of buildings, structures, etc.

 Clearing by sets from product line THERMAX-1

Technical characteristics:

  • Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
  • Air consumption 4-5 m3/min
  • Fuel type petrol, kerosene
  • Fuel consumption 7-9 l/h
  • Type of an abrasive sand, fraction, slags metallurgical 1-4 mm
  • The abrasive cost 20-270 kg /h.

Speed of clearing of:

  • Fabricated metals to 30 m3 /h
  • Flat surface to 60 m3 /h

Quality of clearing:

Standart Sa21/2-3(SSPC-SP10) by ISO 85011-1:1998(E)SIS055900