Clearing by sets from product line HAMMELMANNOur experts the wide spectrum adapted units and adaptations, high pressure sets from product line HAMMELMANN for clearing internal and outside (tube space) surfaces of tubes of heat exchanging equipment. Depending on a kind of deleted adjournment our experts use special nozzles. For clearing of outside surfaces it is used high-pressure gun.

This method has following advantages:

  • clearing of completely hammered tubes in internal diameter from 15 to 100 mm;
  • high speed and quality of clearing;
  • clearing of the viscous adjournment consisting of products of petrofractions;
  • clearing of the tubes having turns, bends, variable section and ellipsoidal is possible;
  • mechanical damage of tubes is excluded;
  • does not require dismantle of cleared devices;
  • it is admitted to operation in fire-dangerous and explosive zones of industrial enterprises;
  • use at repair of condensers, air coolers, oil coolers, coppers, heaters of unboiled water, boilers, technological condensers, and also other heat-exchange equipment and pipes of systems of the water drain is possible.

The action principle consists in the following: jet action of the water leaving through apertures of a special nozzle under certain corners, carries out its rotation and self-giving on a tube that allows to chop off and wash away adjournment of various durability effectively.

Clearing of outside surfaces is carried out with the help of high-pressure gun. The directed stream of a high pressure deletes carbonaceous or mud adjournment, and the viscous adjournment consisting of products of petrofractions.

Depending on a kind of adjournment coming under to removal using following nozzles:

  • turbonozzles;
  • rotornozzles;
  • propelling nozzles;
  • withdrawal nozzles.