Repair-building worksOur enterprise accepts orders for fulfilment of the following repair-building works with application of high-quality materials and high technologies.


  • Facade painting unit.
  • The plaster system (simple, improved, high-quality, etc.).
  • Facing of facades by piece materials.
  • Hydrophobization of surfaces.
  • Clearing of a front tile of pollution with protective layer restoration.
  • Repair of front architectural details.
  • Professional flooring installation.
  • Foundation.

Heat insulation of elevations of building:

  • “A lung wet” a method.
  • Cassette systems.
  • Sandwich pavement.

Special high-altitude works:

  • Clearing of constructions.
  • Anticorrosive protection of designs (metal, concrete etc.).
  • Hermetic sealing (repair) of interpanel juncture.
  • Washing (clearing) of windows (glasses) and constructions from outside a facade.
  • Repair, painting of tubes and constructions,(height is not more than 300m).
  • Installation (dismantle) of draintubes.
  • Installation (dismantle) of fabricated metals.
  • Foundation.

Repair of internal premises:

  • The system (repair) of floors and floor covers (a coupler, linoleum, a parquet), repair of bulk floors.
  • The system of partitions (gypsum plasterboard systems, a bricklaying etc.).
  • The system of false ceilings.
  • The system of plaster of walls.
  • Facing of walls (a tile, batten and etc.).
  • Painting and decorating (pasting, painting, pasting a wall-paper etc.).
  • Installation of doors, windows, ladders.

Roofing works:

  • The system (repair) of roofs from piece and sheet directed materials.

Dampproof works.

Works on design.