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Quality Cleaning

by hydromechanical method

by high pressure sets

by thermoabrasive method

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Anticorrosive Protection

of the equipment

of fabricated metals

of marine and railway transport


Concrete Restoration

of industrial tubes and cooling stacks

of engineering bulks

of the support of transmission lines

We work efficiently and quickly!

All types of work are carried out by experienced professionals using the most reliable equipment. Want to know more? Read some reviews from our customers!

Undertake the work of any complexity

We have developed a unique cleaning technology, which allows to eliminate any degree of contamination and return the equipment to its original condition.

Get rid of problems for long

Equipment and transport, containers and metal constructions – many things on enterprise need a reliable corrosion protection. And we can do it better than anyone else!

Who we are?

KROK Ltd. is dynamically developing company which is specialized on the production of high-quality apparatus for clearing of internal surface of tubes in heat-exchange equipment. Our experts have developed technology and the equipment which allow to clear the tubes of any degree of pollution to the initial condition (95%). Modern methods and exchanges of experience with end consumer of our production and our service allow to solve almost any problems of clearing of heat exchange equipment.

But this is not the only kind of our activity. We also can professionally perform for you:

  • anticorrosive protection of metal and ferro-concrete designs;
  • renewal, repair and protection of concrete and ferro-concrete buildings;
  • repair-building works;
  • mechanical treatment of metals;
  • Krok, Hammelmann and Thermax-1 equipment sales.

What people say about us

N. A. Olenev

KROK Ltd. was working to clean up the air-heater tubes from internal scurf. Scurfs were hard and very hard on the entire cross section of the tube. Conventional purification techniques applicable on our enterprise to remove them was failed.

Using the Krok technology and equipment was cleared 810 tubes. The quality of treatment is very high. The inner surface of the tubes was purified till the metallic luster, without damage. Work was carried out quickly ahead of schedule on 8 days.

N. A. OlenevChief Engineer, Krasnoyarsk CHP-4
S. N. Lomagin

Cleaning of condensers tubes at Zainsk TPP was carried out ​​using the Krok equipment. Condensers at the block №7 were cleared for 12 days, at the block №5 – for 5 days while working in 3 shifts.

Number of tubes = 11940 at the one block, inner diameter = 28 mm, length = 8 m, thickness of carbonate scurf = up to 2 mm at the block №7 and up to 1mm at the block №5.

Tubes were cleared to metal color that is unattainable when clearing with “Atyumat” sets. The temperature was about 5.7 С at 11.1 С norm.

S. N. LomaginHead of CSRI, Zainsk TPP

Our clients