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Anticorrosive Protection

of the equipment

of fabricated metals

of marine and railway transport


Concrete Restoration

of industrial tubes and cooling stacks

of engineering bulks

of the support of transmission lines


All types of works are executed by experience specialists with the use of the most reliable equipment. That turns out in the total, better the reviews of our clients will say you.


We worked out unique technology of cleaning of equipment, allowing to liquidate any degree of muddiness and return their initial state to the wares. 


Equipment and capacities, transport and metallic constructions – all of them need a reliable corrosion protection. And we are able to do her so that a result made happy you long years! 

Who we?

KROK LTD is a dynamically developing company that is specialized on the production of high-quality apparatus on cleaning of internal surface of tubes of heat-exchange equipment. The specialists of enterprise are work out technology and equipment that allows to clear the tubes of any degree of muddiness to the initial state (95%). Modern methods, broadening contacts and exchange with end-user it is allowed experience to decide practically any tasks on cleaning of heat-exchange equipment.

But it is a not only type of our activity. Important direction of our activity is processing and utilization of wastes and production of energy under a motto “energy- from-wastes”

KROK LTD also professionally will execute for you:

  • renewal and defence of concrete and reinforce-concrete constructions;
  • anticorrosive defence of metallic and reinforce-concrete constructions;
  • protecting of technological equipment, facilities of storage and transporting from influence of aggressive chemical products and connections;
  • Supply and repair of equipment of Krok, Hammelmann, Thermax-1.

That it is talked about us

N. А. Olenev

KROK LTD work on cleaning of tubes of air-heater from internal sedimentations. Sedimentations were hard and adamantine on all section of tube. By the ordinary methods of cleaning, applied on our TPC, to delete them did not turn out.

With the use of technology of firm KROK  810 tubes were cleared, cleaning quality is very high here, the internal surface of tubes was practically cleaned out to metallic brilliance, without damages. Works are conducted operatively with passing of the set terms on 8 days.

N. А. OlenevChief engeener, Krasnoyarsk CHP-4
S.N. Lomagin

On Zainsk SPRS cleaning of tubes of condensers is produced Krok equipment by the brigade of Krok company. Condensers of block №7 were cleared for 12 days, block № 5 for 5 days during work in a 3 changing (amount of tubes – 11940 on one block, internal diameter a 28 mm, length a 8 m, thickness of carbonate sedimentations are a to 2 mm on a block № 7, to 1 mm – on a block № 5).

Tubes are cleared fully, “to the metal”, that not attainable at cleaning of tubes grandiloquent setting of “АTUMAT”. After the start of blocks temperature pressure of condensers was 5,7 C on a block №7 and 8 C on a block № 5 at a norm 11,1  C and 10,5  C accordingly.

S.N. LomaginChief CN&I, Zainsk SRPS

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